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Antelope Island Utah Birds pictures

It was a pleasant evening when I was on the shooting location at Antelope Island with my Model Nai sok and there were a lot of birds flying in and around our location . I had to quickly shift my camera ‘mwhen I saw this beautiful scene with the mountains in the background .I surely made Nai surprised and made her thought whom am I shotting but I’m glad that I got to share some nice nature pictures in my blog .

                                          Birds -Antelope Island scenic pictures

                                         Birds -Antelope Island wallpaper pictures

                                         Birds -Antelope Island birds pictures

As I am using one of these pictures as my wallpaper, I thought of sharing the Wallpaper version of these pictures.So please be free to use my pictures as your desktop background.

Antelope Island Birds – wallpaper 01
Antelope Island Birds – wallpaper 02
Antelope Island Birds – wallpaper 03

Utah Hogle Zoo Tiger Pictures

The pictures will look like I spotted a tiger in the national parks of Utah .I got a chance to visit the Utah Hogle Zoo almost after a eight months now and Loved clicking pictures of the animals there.Sharing some of the tiger pictures I took there .The trick to avoid the fence coming in the picture was achieve through the manual focus in manual mode.Enjoy.
                                             Utah Hogle zoo Siberian tiger 

                                           Utah Hogle zoo Siberian tiger

                                           Utah Hogle zoo Siberian tiger

        Utah Hogle zoo Siberian tiger