6 thoughts on “Lions sleeping Pictures – Photo of the week”

  1. Green shade : The big obstacle for photographers in TVM zoo… hehhe..Iron bars of the Cage painted Green.. Camera Zoom wont help more..to pass by rite??

  2. oooh…. i really feel like giving it a hug. but since i know how my leo bro (shigu) reacts in such situations, am not willing to take up the risk by waking it up wid a hug, what if it feels like returning my hug…….. aaaah.

  3. Wow This one is a beauty.
    Next time I go to TVM zoo I will try to take one like this too!What camera do you use? Just curious from an amateur.
    Dr Sonia S V
    Consultant ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
    Bangalore ,India

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