Love Without Limits Book by Nick Kanae Vujicic

I am excited to find that Nick Vujicic and Kanae Vujicic is launching their first book, written by them together. The book is named “Love without limits” and will be available from November 16 2014.

Nick met Kanae after he had many dating disappointments and a failed relationship – he was in his mid-twenties. Post their first date, the chemistry between them grew & was undeniable, while they went through many twists and turns before becoming “one” in marriage on February 10th 2012.

In the new book, Nick and Kanae tell how they improbably found each other, fell in love, and then fought to overcome skepticism from others about their relationship. Filled with practical insights that will benefit any couple, this inspiring book describes a godly courtship and the early years of the Vujicics’ marriage and parenting journey. The two had their first child kiyoshi james vujicic on February 9th 2013.

Please read the first chapter of the book for free before you order it. Also feel free to Pre-order the book here from Amazon (Love Without Limits: A Remarkable Story of True Love Conquering All)

The book will have 15 chapters and will discuss their personal experience of meeting each other, their proposal, getting married, having a perfect married life (even having sex ), having their baby Kiyoshi and living happy ever. I definitely feel it will be great read and much excited to read their happy journey.

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Here are the content/ Chapters of their first book :

  1. Someone to Love
  2. The Search for Love
  3. Perfectly Imperfect Love
  4. The Spark
  5.  Daring to Trust the Heart
  6. The Gift (Wrap) of Love
  7. The Proposal: Setting a Course  for a Loving Marriage
  8. Creating Wedding Day Memories
  9. The Joys of Abstinence Before Marriage and Sex After Marriage
  10.  When Two Become One
  11. We’re Having a Baby
  12.  Our Little Explosion of Hope
  13. The Family Plan .
  14. Kanae and Me, and Kiyoshi Makes Three
  15.  Heart and Home


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  1. How amazing, a life changing story of Nick Vujicic that can change and chalenge the life of many people

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