My First photo sale (harley in Snow)

This week is very important to me . First I won third place in the Facebook Wildlife contest and now I sold one of my pictures to a company for using in their flyer .And tomorrow I am going to shoot my first wedding occasion in Logan ( Wait for the pictures 🙂 ).

Jeff Kerkman from Adinfini , Wisconsin sent me an email asking whether they can use one of my picture (Harley in Snow ) in one of their client flyer . The client (The Harley-Davidson Shop of Winona ) came across my picture in Google and wanted to use it for their official flyer . I think its a privilege for me to see one of my picture being used in a professional banner and I decided to sell that picture for a small price . Here is the picture which is my first sale which was shot from my apartment complex parking lot . I am really happy for this accomplishment and waiting from Jeff to get a copy of the flyer .

My First photo sale harley in Snow

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