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Harley davidson in Snow flyer published

As promised , Jeff Kerkman from Adinfini (Wisconsin) sent me the final design for the flyer they designed for the Harley Davidson company in Wisconsin using one of my picture taken last winter (Harley in Snow). And I am really happy to see one of my pictures being used for company flyer for the first time . This is truly a better way to earn some money to upgrade my camera equipments and I think I should be thinking about it seriously .

Harley Davidson in Snow  flyer published

Find the flyer on their official website – harley Davidson Shop of Winona

So if you are in Winona and got a Harley Davidson , use the storage facilities provided by my client ( harley Davidson Shop of Winona ) 🙂

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My First photo sale (harley in Snow)

This week is very important to me . First I won third place in the Facebook Wildlife contest and now I sold one of my pictures to a company for using in their flyer .And tomorrow I am going to shoot my first wedding occasion in Logan ( Wait for the pictures 🙂 ).

Jeff Kerkman from Adinfini , Wisconsin sent me an email asking whether they can use one of my picture (Harley in Snow ) in one of their client flyer . The client (The Harley-Davidson Shop of Winona ) came across my picture in Google and wanted to use it for their official flyer . I think its a privilege for me to see one of my picture being used in a professional banner and I decided to sell that picture for a small price . Here is the picture which is my first sale which was shot from my apartment complex parking lot . I am really happy for this accomplishment and waiting from Jeff to get a copy of the flyer .

My First photo sale harley in Snow