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Utah july 4th firework pictures 2011

I love watching fireworks and shooting them is even fun. You can get some great pictures/images of the sky with fireworks. I was eagerly waiting for July 4th in 2011, so that I can try photographing fireworks. Every year Sandy city in Utah have a marvelous celebration for the independence day and I decided not to miss this opportunity. My wonderful wife Shiniga gave me the best support by lifting my heavy tripod and we headed towards the back side of sandy civic center to get a wider area in the shot. My friends Anoop and Keerthana also joined to watch the fireworks.

The fireworks started at 10 pm and lasted for 30 mins and gave me enough time to experiment with various settings. I tried to get as many shots I can in this limited time slot and I can say the first attempt was pretty much successful. Most of my shots were 10 seconds each. I am planning to write a in-detail blog post on the details on camera settings when photographing fireworks. Enjoy the pictures now and watch out for the tutorial on ‘How to photograph fireworks’.


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Please find the tutorial on How to take pictures of fireworks .