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Photo stitching in Adobe photoshop CS

This is a simple tutorial to explain you the steps in creating a Panorama Picture using Adobe photoshop CS+ versions . In simple terms , to create a panoramic image we take multiple shots in a single stretch (mostly in continuous or burst mode by just twisting you upper body and not moving the lower part of the body , left or right side). For example , in this tutorial I have used 7 shots taken from the Brooklyn heights (next to the brooklyn bridge ) in New York city . Please click on the image to view the pictures in higher size .

Pictures used for stitching in photoshop

Photo stitching using Photoshop CS +

Step 01 : Select the Photomerge option from File > Automate .

Photo stiching in canon photostitch step 01

Step 02 : This will pop up a new window which asks for the pictures you want to stitch . Select the browse button and add all the pictures that you have taken for the stitch . In my case I add the 7 pictures into Adobe Photoshop CS  photomerge box. Select the layout as Auto if you are not particular about which layout you want the stitch to be.

Photo stiching in canon photostitch step 02

Step 03 : Once you add the pictures , press OK . Photoshop will take a few minutes (depends on the speed of your computer ) and works on merging the common points on each pictures which are adjacent to each other .Once Photoshop does the complete processing , The stitches picture will be shown and you can crop the desired stitches image you want .Once selected , you can save the stitch picture in your required format .

Photo stiching in canon photostitch step 03

Check out the Final version of the stitched picture ( Click to see the higher resolution picture ) .

panorama pictures of brooklyn yellowstone national park

If you don’t have Adobe photoshop CS and want to use a free software to stitch pictures , Please checkout the Canon photo stitch tutorial .