8 thoughts on “Vaiga reloaded – Photo of the week”

  1. Hi Naroor,

    This is Lydia from The Boston Consulting Group. Our company is preparing to publish a book written by the most serious partners in our firm. I am reaching out to you because we would love to you the above picture (Vaiga reloaded) in the book to describe an India children’s future by 2020.

    The book we are working on is called “10 trillion dollar prize”, which talkes about the future development in India and China. The book as it stands has been very favorably received by the publisher, Harvard Business Press, and it will be a major book for them this year!

    Would you please contact me as soon as possible if you may think of acceptting our request for your photo release? Since we have a deadline of Feb 1st, it will be highly appreciated if we can get in touch with you before 25th so that I can send out the exhibits of the book as well as the legal document for your approval.

    Thank you.

    Lydia (qiao.lydia@bcg.com)

  2. Hi ratheesh chetta…i have seen a lot of your images used on random websites…so thought u should know but great photography. I am new to photography and u are one of my inspirations thank you for your blog 🙂

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