Work published in a book

I’ve got an exciting news today for my readers. I am really happy to inform that one my work has been published in a book for the first time. A publishing company was looking for pictures of antelope island birds and they found my blog post which featured a few birds shot at the Antelope Island , Utah.
They liked the pictures and was interested in buying the picture for adding in their publication. I am reposting the shot I published in 2009.

great salt lake birds pictures

I decided to sell the picture for a price and requested them a copy when they launch the book. And they kept their promise and sent me a copy of the book . The name of the book is Planete vivante and currently they launched in french. They will launch the english version soon Here are some of the pictures of the book which features my work . Hope you remember this shot added in my blog last year.

published work ratish naroor

published work ratish naroor

published work ratish naroor

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